I - Occupational Safety and Health committee:

1. Is the committee structure in accordance with the safety and health regulations in your jurisdiction?

2. Are there written terms of reference that are reviewed annually?

3. Is the Safety and Health Committee effective?

4. Are minutes recorded and properly distributed so that all personnel can review?

5. Does the committee receive replies on the status of recommendations they make to management?

6. Have committee members been trained for their duties as may be required by legislation in your jurisdiction or by the committee’s terms of reference?

7. Is there a procedure for receiving and considering recommendations from the Safety and Health committee?

8. Is there a follow up procedure to ensure implementation of accepted recommendations?

9. Is there a procedure to handle requests from, and provide information to, employees, their representatives, and any safety and health committee?

10. Is there a procedure to provide employees, their representatives and any committee with specific information such as air sampling results, exposure records, compliance orders made by government inspectors, records in similar industries, and updates on new Safety and Health program activities and progress made?


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