Our HazCom GHS Student Notebook provides an easy to follow template to convey all of the new HazCom GHS information in a simple, straightforward manner.

The large 8” x 11” full color notebook is formatted into 10 different sections with ample room for students to make notes.

Each section is followed by a quiz to re-enforce all of the information taught in that section and to ensure the students have a full understanding of the material. Quiz answers are provided at the back of the book.

The Student Notebook itself is made from durable materials with a lay-flat coil spine, so that the students can hold on to them and reference the information in the future. The Student Manual is designed to be used in conjunction with our HazCom GHS DVD Training Program or partner with your own in-house customized HazCom GHS training program. (82 pages)
Our HazCom GHS Student Manual makes your Workplace Training on the Globally Harmonized System easy. HazCom GHS HAZCOM training topics covered are:
Why do we need a Chemical Hazard information system?
What is a Physical hazard?
What is a Health Hazard?
What is an Environmental Hazard?
How do we prevent Physical Hazards from happening?
How do we prevent Health Hazards from happening?
How do we prevent Environmental Hazards from happening?
What does a supplier label look like?
What does an in-house label look like?
What information is on a Safety Data Sheet?

In addition to the quizzes at the end of each section, illustrations of the HazCom GHS Symbols and HazCom GHS Pictograms are included as well examples of the new 16 part format for SDS.

Includes OSHA HAZCOM specific information.

Product Number: GHS2014