Designed to work in conjunction with our Student Notebook and DVD Training Program, our HazCom GHS Instructors Manual provides a comprehensive understanding of the complete Globally Harmonized System. Written with the safety professional in mind, this manual covers all HazCom GHS material in an in depth manner. The complete manual comes in a sturdy 4" binder and is formatted into 10 different sections by dividers for quick reference. This also makes it easy to customize your specific HazCom GHS training program to fit the unique requirements of your business. There are over 100 full color images to match the slideshow provided on the included CD-ROM. Each section also includes a quiz at the end with answers highlighted and instructor tips. Build your own lesson plan combining the Student Notebook and CD-ROM training program. (270 pages).

Our HazCom GHS Instructors Manual makes your Workplace Training on the Globally Harmonized System easy. HazCom GHS HAZCOM training topics covered are:

Why do we need a Chemical Hazard information system?
What is a Physical hazard?
What is a Health Hazard?
What is an Environmental Hazard?
How do we prevent Physical Hazards from happening?
How do we prevent Health Hazards from happening?
How do we prevent Environmental Hazards from happening?
What does a supplier label look like?
What does an in-house label look like?
What information is on a Safety Data Sheet?

The manual also includes guidelines and tips on how to lead a successful HazCom GHS Workplace Training Session.

Also included in the Instructors Manual are full descriptions of the new HazCom GHS Symbols, and 16 parts of the HazCom GHS format SDS:

Hazard(s) Identification
Composition/Information on Ingredients
First Aid Measures
Fire Fighting Measures
Accidental Release Measures
Handling and Storage
Exposure Controls/Personal Protection
Physical and Chemical Properties
Stability and Reactivity
Toxicological Information
Ecological Information
Disposal Considerations
Transport Information
Regulatory Information
Other Information

Product Number: GHS2002