Are you prepared for the new HazCom GHS (Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals) requirements? Our comprehensive HazCom GHS training program provides all the components you will need. The HazCom GHS is a revolution in Chemical Hazard Communications. In an agreement reached under the United Nations, countries all over the world are adopting a single unified approach to classifying chemical hazards, designing warning labels, and organizing information on safety data sheets. Your workforce needs to know and understand this new, and often complex, system.

Our comprehensive training package was written and developed by Dr. David M. Halton CIH, ROH, CRSP. Dr. Halton is a qualified teacher with over 30 years experience in chemical hazard communications. He is known for his ability to translate complex information into easily understood, everyday language.

The Training Package consists of an Instructor’s Manual, containing detailed and colorfully illustrated explanations of the HazCom GHS. A CD with all the illustrations formatted as slides is included with the Instructor’s Manual. 10 copies each of illustrated Student Notebooks, Safety Data Sheet Pocket Booklets, HazCom GHS wallet cards and Certificates of Completion are also a part of the Training Package. In the accompanying DVD Dr. Halton carefully guides your staff through the major features of the HazCom GHS and how to use it in their workplace. Clear, understandable and comprehensive, our training package is excellent value for the training of your entire workforce.

English Version

This item includes our HazCom GHS2002 GHS Instructor Manual, HazCom GHS2010 HazCom GHS Train the Trainer, HazCom GHS2003 HazCom GHS Student Manual, HazCom GHS2007 SDS Pocket Booklets, HazCom GHS1016 Certificates of Completion, and HazCom GHS1015 HazCom GHS Wallet cards.

This Complete HazCom GHS Training Program kit was designed as a starting place for your HazCom GHS HAZCOM Workplace Training. All the items included in the kit are available individually and can be purchased to accommodate larger Workplace Training groups.

Aids in your companies compliance with 29 CFR 1910.1200.

Product Number: GHS2000